RoomPro Global

Remote AV Control, Monitoring and Management

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Product Overview:

RoomPro Global provides all the benefits of remote A/V control, monitoring, and management without the added time and expense of network cabling.

Key Features:

RoomPro's teacher-friendly
  • Easy Setup: Now you can receive all the benefits of network-level control, monitoring, and management without all the additional costs of installation, cables, or hardware. Simply use the existing VGA connection to communicate between the networked classroom computer and the RoomPro wall control panel.
  • District-Wide Integration: RoomPro Global will provide control for all of the RoomPro Products - ONE, ONE-W, or Mobile.
  • Classroom Monitoring/Control: Quickly access usage, system status, lamp hour statistics and more from district to classroom level with RoomPro Global's convenient, easy-to-read dashboard. Remotely monitor and control classroom systems, from asset tracking and maintenance by serial number to turning projectors on and off.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Use RoomPro Global's dynamic reporting function to conduct school-to-school comparisons to guide current and future technology distribution decisions and provide cost justification analysis.
  • Custom Alerts: Easily create "alert" triggers such as low lamp hours remaining, schedule "events" like auto power on/off, and establish user roles and access levels district-wide.
  • Accessible anywhere: Built on a cloud-computing platform with enhanced browser security through SSL, RoomPro Global gives you instant classroom access and control from any Web-enabled computer using Internet Explorer®, Firefox®, or Safari®.
  • Teacher Ease-of-Use: Give your teacher full control of the classroom with RoomPro Global's easy-to-use Virtual Control client.
  • Help Desk: Seamlessly integrate RoomPro Global's robust support ticket management system with your existing Help Desk software, facilitating easy ticket generation from teachers' desktops and real-time tracking and escalation-even directly to RoomPro Technologies Support.
  • Auto Updates: Automatically download and install firmware updates through RoomPro Global's Auto-Update feature.